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Umyuaq Technology, LLC


Umyuaq Technology, LLC employs hard-to-find, skilled professionals who deliver results, achieve mission goals, and meet deadlines. Our employees gain an understanding of the customers’ needs and meet those needs in a way that achieves and often exceeds expectations and earns consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. Umyuaq Technology, LLC  draws upon hiring resources developed specifically to identify the right candidates quickly and arrange multiple interviews to ensure that we seat the right staff for the job every time. Umyuaq Technology, LLC  is experienced in providing professional service staff augmentation for the following areas: 


Delivering across the it spectrum

Help Desk


 We deliver the full range of IT services required to operate a Tier I and Tier II help desk support both locally and remotely.  Using a system of record, we review documentation to maintain accuracy. We support, maintain, troubleshoot and manage Microsoft desktop environments in a complex infrastructure.  We provide installation technical support in troubleshooting and correcting problems associated with unclassified networks and computers installation and technical support to peripherals connected to the network, to include mobile devices and printers.  

Network Admin


  We analyze, design, support and implement, current and future virtualization architecture to the infrastructure and computing environment. We analyze network architecture for feasibility, scalability, security, reliability and maintainability.  We develop and field efforts supporting the  enclave, to include: creating cost estimates or equipment build of materials, documenting maintenance plans and inventories, performing cable infrastructure inspection, cleaning and maintenance, installing equipment grounding in the communications room, coordinating equipment life cycle and disposal, using tools to test fiber optical and  cabling. 

Information Security


 We support firewalls, intrusion detection systems, network access control devices, DHCP and virtual private networks. We analyze virtualization architecture for feasibility, thoroughness, security, reliability and maintainability. We field, implement, integrate and migrate efforts supporting the enclave, to include: cost estimates, technical & schedule risks, and analysis of alternatives. We operate the command line interface of Cisco ASA, Brocade, Juniper and Palo Alto network security devices. We coordinate, troubleshoot and manage system Ports, Protocols and Services  and IP addresses.

Website Management


  · We design and create websites and web based applications.

· We address website’s technical aspects, such as performance and capacity, to assess a website’s speed and traffic capacity. 

· We meet with management to discuss the needs of the website and the expected needs of the websites’ and/or web based applications’ audience and plan how it should look, create and debug applications for a website, and write code for the site, using programming languages such as HTML or XML. 

· We  determine what information the site will contain, work with graphics and other designers to determine the website’s layout, integrate graphics, audio, and video into the website. 

Voice Communications


  · We install, modify, troubleshoot, maintain, repair or replace key telephones, analog, digital and VOIP telephones, and VOIP gateways, private automatic/electronic and digital branch exchanges, electronic public address systems, electronic automatic dialers, electronic conferencing systems, radio monitoring and control circuits, fire and alarm circuits, weather equipment circuits, facsimile circuits, tape recorded circuits, teletypewriter circuits, data network circuits, and ancillary components and equipment. 

· We update the records systems and remedy work orders to interface with the Network Enterprise Center (NEC), to fulfill the customer’s telephony request. 

Program Management


  · We provide IM/IT Program and Project Management  including  project schedules, milestones,  and related requirements. 

· We provide weekly updates on each of the assigned activities, build project plans utilizing the Program Management Book of Knowledge  and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodologies, report on milestones as appropriate, report whether resources are correctly allocated , complete risk assessments and work forecasts, and ensure all tasks requirements  are  met. 

· We manage, coordinate,  oversee, and track  projects with varying timelines using state-of-the-art PM techniques for risk assessment and abatement. 

And Beyond

Fleet Maintenance


 We provide a wide range of vehicle support services support to the operating forces  of the US Marine Corps in providing combined arms training to enhance the combat readiness.    Our support includes corrective and preventive maintenance of All Terrain Vehicles, motorcycles and Humvee's.   Our skilled mechanics provide and promote the readiness of a large fleet of vehicles supporting combat training in all conditions.   

Medical Support


  Our professionals include subject matter experts, medical technicians, clinicians, scientists and  technicians providing:

  • Program  and Project Management.
  • Reporting  and Records Management. 
  • Compliance  Assurance. 
  • Studies  and Research. 
  • Patient  Management. 
  • Information  Security and IT Support. 
  • Enterprise Storage. 
  • Medical  Statistics Analysis Services. 



We provide software assurance, and associated technical support for existing software products.  We provide shrink wrapped software solutions and maintain software, including new releases, versions, changes, modifications, improvements, and updates.  We update the customer on errors, and provisioning of all releases, versions, changes, modifications.  We provide specific hardware and pre-installation engineering support to ensure the effective  implementation of a wide array of IT solutions.



  Compliance and Pollution Prevention

· Environmental Planning and Budgeting

· Air / Water / Wastewater Program Management

· ECAMP / ECAS Permitting

Restoration and Remediation

· Contamination / Site Assessment 

· Remedial Investigations / Feasibility Studies

· Landfill / Water Well Monitoring and Maintenance

Conservation and Planning

· Endangered Species Inventories, Management Plans, and Habitat Management Restoration

· Cultural Resources Program Management

· NEPA Environmental Documentation

Natural Resources Management

· Waste Management

· OSHA Management

· Hazardous Materials Management

Facility Management


We oversee facility infrastructure and related support services to reduce cost and consistently improve quality of services, including: maintenance of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, building repairs and maintenance, warehouse operations, and grounds landscaping and irrigation. Provide additional services in support of business needs, including general administration, human resources, purchasing, payroll, and inventory.

 We provide equipment, supplies, and personnel needed for facility maintenance and services and create customized service plans tailored to customer needs and directives.

Data Center Ops


We maintain the day-to-day management of data centers by monitoring power and environmental conditions, ensuring equipment is fully functional, and responding to user needs.  

We install and maintain network resources, ensuring data center security and monitoring systems that take care of power and cooling. The IT requirements of companies that own data centers define many different types of data centers, varying in size, reliability, and redundancy.